Psystar rebel efi download

Psystar rebel efi

While the world focused on Microsoft's launch of Windows 7, Florida-based Psystar quietly launched Rebel EFI, a software product that should. 23 Oct - 2 min - Uploaded by kaboratech Psystar Rebel Efi Loader for OSX. Arch Linux EFI Install Guide Part 2 - Installing Arch. In October of , Psystar released an EFI boot disk in its web store, claiming that it can be used to install Snow Leopard to a  Open computers - Early concerns - Legal issues.

This time the lawyer bait is the Rebel EFI, a boot loader which allows the installation of OS X Snow Leopard onto pretty much any commodity. Psystar, notable for its efforts to sell generic PCs with Mac OS X pre-loaded, has just released something called Rebel EFI. It's software that. Psystar's latest tactic in making money off the hackintosh community, Rebel EFI, promises to help install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on any.

Psystar just released a new product that will allow installation of Mac OS X on almost any computer hardware, no need to spend lots of money. Psystar today announced the release of Rebel EFI, a new software product that enables users to install any modern operating system, including. In case you missed it, Psystar's new downloadable software lets you install OS X on any PC with a Core 2 Duo, Quad, i7 or Xeon Nehalem.

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