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Db2 database client

under tools>preferences>database>third party JDBC drivers option. You want the DB2 Administration Client which includes DB2 Control. During the installation of the master domain manager configured as backup, you install a DB2® client to connect to the DB2 server that contains the IBM. A Db2® database system consists of a Db2 server and IBM® data server clients. A Db2 server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that delivers data to its IBM data server clients. An IBM data server client is an application where you can run commands and SQL.

DB2COPY1 is the default name of the DB2 copy that is the first installation of a DB2 database product on your machine. This same name is part of the instance. Your IBM DB2 Data on your device! Browse, search, and update all your IBM DB2 databases on the go with DB2 Mobile Database Client!. I just want to connect to my database, so what should I use? I've heard of the Data Server Client, Administrative Client, Runtime Client, Data.

SQuirreL SQL is an open-source Java SQL Client program for any JDBC compliant database. The process of cataloging configures an IBM DB2 Universal Database client so that it knows how to connect to a particular database. This process also creates a . The Novell exteNd Application Server connects to DB2 using a Type 2 JDBC driver written by IBM and included with their Universal Database client. This driver. To do so, install an IBM Db2 client on the ArcGIS client machine. You can configure a data source name for the Db2 database and use that to connect from .

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