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Woodwing smart connection

Welcome to the Smart Connection documentation page. Here you will find the latest information about installing, configuring and using WoodWing Smart. A full installation of Smart Connection is an installation on a system on which Smart Connection is not yet installed. The installation consists of the following stepsĀ  Installation - Plug-ins that are moved. The Smart Connection Release Notes contain information about the new features , changes, fixed issues, known issues and upgrade instructions for each.

Before Smart Connection can be used, a license needs to be activated for it. Activating Smart Connection can be done in the following ways. Many aspects of the Smart Connection client application are scriptable using JavaScript. The Scripting and Events Guide contains examples. Preferences allow you to set default Smart Connection options to your personal preference. Accessing the preferences.

To see which version of Smart Connection is installed, follow these steps: Step 1. Start InDesign or InCopy. Step 2. Logging the activity of Smart Connection is useful when troubleshooting any technical issues that may be experienced when working with. Smart Connection for InDesign contains many features and options. However, not all of them are used on a daily basis. Use this article to. When using Smart Connection in InDesign or InCopy, the Smart Connection panel is your main link to the files that are stored in the Enterprise.

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