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Air upnp

Product description. Our Air Receiver app is yet the most advanced support multiple wireless transmission protocol (Airplay / UPnP / DLNA) receiver for your . AirConnect: Send audio to UPnP/Sonos/Chromecast players using AirPlay. Use these applications to add AirPlay capabilities to Chromecast and UPnP (like. Use Chromecast (aircast) devices and UPnP/Sonos (airupnp) as if they were AirPlay players. These applications work on any computer.

Video Streaming for iPhone and iPod touch. About Air Video · Getting Started · Features · Download · FAQ / Troubleshooting. Air UPnP runs on a Windows PC (as a service) and monitors the whole network for any Airport Express devices, any found are then exposed as. UPnP, or Universal Plug and Play, is a type of residential network connection that allows computers to share files and folders directly with other.

Automatic camera detection with UPnP protocol. Camera management through the OpenHAB interface. Remote camera control and display. Project choice: UPnP Cameras integration into OpenHAB; Read resources from last year project: UPnP camera detection; Understand what is.

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