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PIVATS Milestones and the Pre-Key Stage Standards. Following the government's review of statutory assessment arrangements for pupils in primary schools  Order PIVATS - Downloads - PIVATS user login - Samples. PIVATS 5 - Free downloads. PIVATS 5 Individual Pupil Profile (70 KB, Acrobat PDF). PIVATS 5 and 4 Combination Individual Pupil Profile (93 KB, Acrobat PDF ). PIVATS Data Collection and Analysis Service. LOGIN TO For more information on PIVATS PSED click here. To order PIVATS 5 Analysis Online click here.

Performance Indicators for Value Added Target Setting (PIVATS) is based up on the revised performance criteria published by DfES and QCA () in. PIVATS PERFORMANCE INDICATORS: P SCALE / PIVATS STEP: Pupil shows a reflex response,. e.g. alters eye movement in response to the introduction of a. PIVATS PERFORMANCE INDICATORS: PIVATS MILESTONE P1: Pupil shows a reflex response to sensory stimuli. Pupil remains passive or shows no.

WRITING. PIVATS PERFORMANCE INDICATORS: PIVATS MILESTONE P2: Pupil begins to respond consistently to familiar sensory stimuli associated with text. P-Levels and PIVATS are used to show small steps of progress. They can be used if your child is working at Early Developmental Levels. There are 8 P-Levels . The revised PIVATS (5th edition), for reading, writing, speaking, listening and mathematics, is now available. PIVATS 5 will provide small step assessments for . How are PIVATs recorded Each P Level is broken down into 5 a P_a Literacy PIVATs Literacy Speaking Listening Reading Writing Reading P6.

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